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Healthy teeth and gums don’t happen by accident. We all need to brush and floss every day to remove harmful plaque and see our dental team to remove hardened plaque, called tartar.

We also need to protect our teeth from those things that can harm them, and that includes the foods we eat. We want to eat a balanced diet that supplies tooth-friendly nutrients like vitamins and minerals, but we also need to avoid those foods that can harm our pearly whites. Let’s check out four foods we recommend limiting or avoiding.

Hard Candy

Hard candies are bad for your teeth not only because of their sugar content but they can also chip or fracture a tooth as well. Your tooth enamel would be better off if you chewed sugar-free gum instead.


Ice is similar to hard candy in that its consistency can damage tooth enamel and create fractures and chips. It’s safer to drink your water instead of chewing it.

Sticky foods

Sticky foods like dried fruits appear to be a healthy food choice, but the truth is, they are bad for your teeth. In addition to being loaded with sugar, they stick to your tooth surfaces and feed oral bacteria. This is particularly detrimental to your back teeth which are notoriously difficult to brush and floss effectively. If you eat these, brush, floss and rinse thoroughly afterward.

Starchy foods

Unfortunately, as with sticky foods, starchy foods tend to have a similar reaction to your teeth. They cling to the surfaces of your teeth, and hide between teeth, feeding oral bacteria. Try to avoid snacking on chips, pretzels, or crackers, but if you do, take a moment to rinse, brush, and floss well afterward.

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