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Did you know that that you can receive a CEREC® dental crown in as little as one day to restore a broken or damaged tooth? We are excited to offer CEREC dental crowns to provide you with a stronger and more attractive smile in as little as one visit to our office.

CEREC dental crowns function like any other crown to cover and improve problematic teeth from their cusps to the gum line. When provided with CEREC crowns, teeth can not only be better protected but also look more aesthetic since CEREC crowns have the ability to be customized to look like the original tooth and improve its shape, size, and color to enhance your overall dental profile.

When receiving traditional dental crowns, patients often need to wear temporary crowns while the permanent dental restorations are being created in off-site dental labs. However, CEREC crowns are able to be milled right in our office in as little as one appointment to ensure we can provide you with a permanent dental crown with an accurate fit so that there is no need to use uncomfortable temporary crowns. The durability of CEREC crowns enables them to last a decade or more, even with normal wear and tear, before you need to seek dental care for repairs or replacements.

If you would like to learn more about CEREC dental crowns in San Diego, California, contact San Diego Dentistry Studio at 858-257-3412 today to schedule an oral exam with our dentist, Dr. Tim Garofolo, and discuss your restorative needs.