Same day dental crowns are one of the newest pieces of dental technology available. We mill and design our crowns in our office using CEREC technology. Your porcelain crown is then placed and cemented on the day of your visit. With CEREC there is no need for a second appointment, messy impressions, or painful temporaries. Using a CAD based program, our same day crowns offer the most comfortable and precise fit on the market today. To make your appointment with Dr. Tim Garofolo and receive your same-day dental crown in San Diego and Rancho Bernardo, California, call San Diego Dentistry Studio today at 858-257-3412.

CEREC is one of the most innovative dental technologies to have emerged in recent years. Using a CEREC machine, San Diego Dentistry Studio can design and manufacture crowns in our office, avoiding the need for messy impressions or painful and uncomfortable temporary crowns. Instead, your crown will be designed, milled, and cemented in the same visit.

Using a CAD/CAM based program, your crown will be designed chairside. You can watch as it is milled during your appointment, and carefully customized to fit your smile from the tooth contours to the shade of white. Your porcelain crown is permanently bonded as soon as we have finished creating it. Our dentist takes every care to ensure that your crown blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

All the dental crowns milled in our dental studio are made from porcelain to provide you with natural-looking results and added support.

To learn more about same-day dental crowns and schedule your consultation with our dentist, contact our office today.