A winning smile can be difficult to display when you are missing teeth. With our titanium dental implants, you can bring back your confident, beautiful smile. At San Diego Dentistry Studio, we use a blend of science and art to provide implants that look, feel, and function like your real teeth. When topped with a porcelain crown, our dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. We invite you to call us at 858-257-3412 to make your appointment with Dr. Tim Garofolo at our dental boutique and learn more about dental implants in San Diego and Rancho Bernardo, California.

When properly cared for, implant should last twenty years or more. The longevity of implants makes them an excellent, permanent solution for your missing teeth. When you receive a dental implant, you can expect it to improve your speech, ability to chew, and the overall appearance of your smile.

Titanium implants are considered the best option for replacing your missing teeth as they:

  • Last for a lifetime
  • Help maintain the bone structure of your jaw and face
  • Are firmly anchored into your jaw
  • Require no additional maintenance after placement

When you visit our dental studio for your initial consultation, Dr. Tim Garofolo will use our cone beam scanner to determine your bone density and discover if dental implants are the right treatment for you. After a comprehensive oral examination, our dentist and team will design a treatment plan for your missing teeth.

Call our practice today to schedule your appointment with our dentist and learn if dental implants are the treatment for you.