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Have you come across a lot of dental hygiene products that contain fluoride as a marketed ingredient? This is because fluoride is a natural mineral that offers a lot of benefits for the teeth, including increased nourishment and strength and a lessened risk of tooth decay or enamel loss. We provide a brief overview of how fluoride can help improve oral health by transferring important minerals to your teeth.

Fluoride exposure comes in a variety of options, from brushing or rinsing with fluoride products to drinking fluoridated water and even receiving in-office fluoride treatment from the dentist. An application of fluoride to your teeth transfers the mineral to the tooth enamel, where it soaks into the tooth surface and infuses your smile with nourishment. Fluoride hardens up the tooth enamel to increase its potency as an outer shell and ward off the effects of tooth decay, bacteria and acid.

Fluoride treatment can be given to a patient at any age, except in infancy. The foods and beverages that infants consume provides the tooth strength they need. You are welcome to speak with our dentist about when your child should begin receiving fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities.

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