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Is your holiday smile shining as much as you would like? If not, would you like to greatly improve your smile without years of treatments and therapy? If so, cosmetic dentistry can help restore and repair problems in your smile and give you a look you deserve. Whether it’s a full mouth restoration, a minor repair, or tooth replacements, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure for you.

If you were looking to completely restore the look of a tooth, consider dental crowns and dental veneers. Dental crowns are highly effective cosmetic dentistry procedures that can cover all sides of a tooth and provide not only a better look but better protection from future oral ailments that can arise. Although dental veneers cannot fully conceal a tooth, they do fully conceal the front of a tooth to give you the look you desire. Dental bonding treatments are also highly effective for fixing surface ailments. If you want to brighten your smile and remove stains or discolorations, consider a professional tooth whitening treatment.

No smile is complete if it’s missing any of its parts. This means that all teeth must be accounted for. If you’re missing any teeth, they must be replaced immediately. If left untreated, missing teeth can lead to tooth slippage and gum destabilization. To rectify these risks, consider dentures, or dental implants. If you want a permanent cosmetic treatment, dental implants are highly effective. If you are looking for a temporary replacement, consider dentures.

No matter which cosmetic dentistry treatment you desire, Dr. Tim Garofolo and our team at San Diego Dentistry Studio will care for your smile. To book an oral exam, routine checkup, or professional cleaning at our dentist office in San Diego, California, please contact us at 858-257-3412.